Exquisite Elements of a Successful Cambodia Trip

Cambodia is a magical land, where you will be welcomed with warm smiles and fresh fruit drink. You will find Buddhism is a dominant religion here along with can also witness Cambodians still worship Hindu deities like Shiva and Vishnu, which is due to an influence of Khmer culture and traditions. Your Cambodia trip will offer you wonderful experience of meeting with friendly people and knowing about art and culture as well as Cambodia's intoxicating history.

In this article you will find list of some essential elements that will help in making your Cambodia trip a successful one.

Mesmerizing Temple Tour:

You will get an overwhelming experience while touring beautiful Angkor temples, which has an extraordinary allure. Having massive stone faces, miniature scale and intricate carvings, the temples are simply fascinating. Ta Prohm is the modern name of the temple at Angkor, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, built in the Bayon style will offer you a view of dynamic interaction between nature and man-made art. Ta Prohm was also a part of Angelina Jolie starrer ‘Tomb Raider' (a Hollywood movie).

Exceptional Shopping Tour:

For every visitor Cambodia promises to fulfill shopping interest by providing numerous worthwhile items. You will find quality items, which are excellent enough in impressing for making the purchase. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are considered to be two famous commercial centers in Cambodia, where a visitor can find Cambodia souvenirs, silks, handicrafts and curios. It will prove to be exceptional while visiting traditional markets and the chic boutiques, where you will get unlimited opportunities to buy a variety of rewarding items like the Angkorian and Buddhist themed carvings, hand-pounded silverwork, krama (the Khmer checkered scarf) and statuary.

Sumptuous Food Tour:

Phnom Penh offers many palatable places at all fiscal levels where one can enjoy inspiring glass of passion fruit juice served at one of the best cafes. Apart from this, you can also find street vendors offering goodies such as these chive cakes—crispy on the outside, gushing on the inside, which are served with a sweet-sour-vinegar-garlic sauce. It is widely believed that one should not leave Cambodia without having sumptuous Khmer curry with local beer. Here you can enjoy a delicious meal at less than USD 2.

Exhilarating Cycle Tour:

Apart from finding a tuk tuk or car hire, as a visitor you can enjoy riding a rented cycle to tour Cambodia's best destination and hot spots. While riding on a cycle to explore various exotic locations of Cambodia the breeze will give you an air-conditioning feeling. You can enjoy a safe and exciting Cambodia cycle tour with Vietnam Adventure Cycling, which is a licensed international tour operator. We offer economical packages for cycle tours as well as provide assistance of experienced guides. Send an email to info@vietnamadventurecycling.com for getting more information or call us at 84-8 6261 9397 / 96.

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