Find out why sunglasses are important for you!

We all heard about the saying "prevention is better than cure" but hearing alone would do nothing unless you apply that into your life. Let me share some facts which will help you understand the importance of sunglasses. We all know sunglasses is the most stylish accessory for both men and women and it surely enhances your overall personality but let us learn why sunglasses are good for our eyes.

Being stylish is surely the coolest thing and what would be better then wearing designer sunglasses which also benefit you by protecting your eyes from dust and harmful radiations. Now we have huge market for sunglasses and lots of brands have jump into manufacturing sunglasses. The major one is Ray Ban producing the most designer glasses all around the globe. Now let us have a look at how sunglasses are important for the protection of your eyes.

Prevention of Cataract
Cataract is a common eye disease which is primarily caused due to clouding of the lens inside the eyes. There can be many reasons why this happen for example if there is blow to your head suddenly, can cause cataract being formed. Some time it is genetic problem too for an example if the mother have German measles then the children born to her can develop cataract. You will be amazed to know that heavy drinking (alcohol) too can cause cataract formation. There are many cases where cataract is formed in the eyes of heavy drinkers. Some dietary deficiencies can also cause this eye disease. Now if there is a problem, there is solution too.

One of the best preventive measures you can take is to wear sunglasses every time you are outside especially during the time between 10 AM to 3PM, when the UV rays are strongest and sun is the brightest. So wearing cool ray ban sunglasses UAE will not just enhances your style statement but also protect your eyes from cataract formation.
Harmful UV rays are the most common reason of cataract formation inside your eyes and what be better than sunglasses to protect your eyes form UV radiations. 

If someone is successfully operated from cataract it is strictly recommended by the ophthalmologist to wear a good branded sunglass. In my opinion wearing ray ban can be a better choice. Ray ban is known for creating designer and quality sunglasses which will not just make you look good but also protect your eyes from harmful UV radiations. Some online eye wear store offers ray ban sunglasses at very low cost and provides free shipping plus free lens. Specs Addict in Dubai is the latest online store where you can buy ray ban sunglasses UAE at very low cost with free shipping and lens. 

Skin Protection
We all know that long term sun exposure can also cause wrinkles on your skin especially near eyes. But in the daytime if you wear sunglasses you can protect your skin from overexposed.

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