Fort JadhavGADH – One of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Pune

If you weren't fond of the history subject since your childhood, visiting Fort Jadhavgadh would surely change your outlook towards it. Hardly would anyone believe that history could be reinvented, moulded and re-performed with a tinge of action of the twenty first century. You must be shocked, right? The following reasons would convince you of Fort Jadhavgadh's being one of the best holiday destinations in Pune:-


Fort Jadhavgadh bears in its very brick the grand history of the Maratha regime that dates back to 300 years. Its fortified wall shall invoke a memory from the year 1707, when, after the release from imprisonment of 21 years, Chhatrapati Shahuji, backed by the heroic efforts of warriors like Pilaji Jadhavrao, was able to reclaim the lost territory from the Mughals. The true warrior Pilaji Jadhavrao breathed his last in 1784. The Fort Jadhavgadh pays tribute to this glorious past and the true Maratha patriots. If you are planning for a weekend getaway near Mumbai or Pune, then no other place you visit would be able to boast such a historic past. Still, once you visit Fort Jadhavgadh you shall be able to compliment the fusion of history and modern elements.


Such a strong history becomes futile if it is not coupled with an equally strong culture. After all, culture is the continual reminder of a majestic history. The Maratha culture is tightly infused in every in-house member that you come across at Fort Jadhavgadh. Among various other holiday destinations in Pune, here you would relish the deep rooted essence of Maratha culture. All the tangible factors that can be savoured during ones stay, like the food recipes and the décor, would be reminiscent of the Maratha culture. This makes Fort Jadhavgadh be at the top of the list of best holiday destinations in Pune. The special bullock cart riding that is ornamented and comfy with mattresses and pillows would tempt you do it over and over again. Fig farming, cow milking and adventurous trekking are a few activities that would reproduce a scent of Maratha culture out of you.


Besides architectural art and the art of food making, what art could a hotel stand for? Well, Fort Jadhavgadh goes out of the box to house a peculiarly curated museum called The Aai Museum. It is dedicated to the mothers of the world. If not for staying purpose, if one plans for a weekend getaway near Mumbai or Pune, then they should not miss visiting the heart-warming Aai Museum. The manifestation of art does not stop here. The famous Shivaji martial arts are also played by a group of fifteen people using bamboo sticks, spears, swords and fire wheels.

The story of Fort Jadhavgadh states an equation that a strong history is only built on strong art and culture. Thus, if you aspire for the best holiday destinations in Pune, then you must visit Fort Jadhavgadh to get comfortably astounded.

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