How to detect and stop Adblock on Blogger in 2016

What is Adblock? 

AdBlock is a product which made some software engineer to stop commercial or Ads on websites. Many Website administrators use PopUp advertisements on their online journal/webpage to procure. Typical clients having this issue. Typical clients can't comprehend what is this and they taps on their promotions or connections. Regularly pennant promotions isn't enormous issue made. Issue is PopUp promotions which make enormous issue for typical clients. Along these lines, some programmer/companies make advertisements blocker programming for simple users. They distributed this Ads programming free. Along these lines, numerous ordinary clients can utilize this. Some Famous Ads blocker Software connection is given beneath: 

At the point when people use adblock then website administrators lost their earning source. 

Today I share this instructional exercises, how to use  adblock and power to stop this product. 

Stop Adblock on Blogger 

Go to your blog Then choose your blog which you force to stop ads blocker.

Now Go Blogger Layout:

Now click Add a Gadget:

Then a popup windows open. Choose Html/Java to click:

Enter here your ad blocker code which I given below:

Now go to click Save arragement to save change.

Download adblock code direct .txt file from here : Adblock Code Source

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