The Complete Health Solution For Women: Nutritional And Environmental Medicine

Women may have complex wellbeing issues, often starting from their teens. Major concerns a woman may face during her life can be associated with menstruation, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance and many other health issues. These conditions at times may inevitably lead to compromised a quality of life, mood swings, thyroid imbalance, osteoporosis, anaemia, stress etc.

These health issues may not be visible at an instance in a woman. Therefore it is essential to adhere to timely checkups to identify any physical signs and symptoms, so that the necessary investigations and an effective management plan can be followed.

Major health issues faced by women:

Mental health
Digestive and gut disorders
Hormone imbalances
Thyroid disease
Nutritional deficiencies
Cervical cancer
Uterine cancer
Ovarian cancer
Breast cancer
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Contraceptive advice

With technology advancing in every field, there are many facilities , therapies and effective approaches available that assures alleviation of these conditions. Nutritional and Environmental medicine along side an Integrated  Medical approach can be of great benefit to many of these female ailments.

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine: 

It is an interaction between environmental and nutritional factors of every individual with human biochemistry and physiology and the ensuing psychological symptoms. It maintains the connection between food, environment and wellness of an individual. The treatment is aimed at rectifying the underlying causes as well as offering the symptomatic relief. This involves the removal of certain food material from the diet of the patients that are causing health issues or increasing the toxic load, and prescribing  nutritionally dense foods and therapeutic supplements. The treatment protocols also take into consideration the lifestyle, sleeping habits, exercise and daily routine of an individual into account.

Prior to commencing treatment a detailed analysis of the patient's condition is carried out. Sivanna Health specializes in identifying and alleviating the health conditions of women utilizing the expertise of a Holistic GP and associated allied pratitioners, who will carry out a detailed evaluation of every  woman's  health issues.

The holistic GP in Sydney:

The Holistic Gp Sydney will assess the detailed questionnaire that is filled out before the appointment. The form will ask the individual patient regarding many aspects of their health and wellness including past health issues.

The questionnaires are then evaluated by the Holistic GP  to add to her patient assessment which includes a detail history and examination. Various regulating factors of their lifestyle are looked at such as diet, nutritional status, sleeping habits, exercise routine, physical activities and proper digestion that may influence their health condition.

Appropriate investigations are ordered that may be conventional or functional by Holistic GP before implementing a management plan involving nutritional and environmental medicine. The prime aim is to help a woman achieve optimal wellbeing so that one can live a happy, healthy and prolonged life.

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