Here's the reason the Navy didn't shoot down the Russian warrior flies that hummed by a US destroyer

On Tuesday, two Russian warplanes flew reenacted ambush goes past the USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea, remembering the move was startling and compelling, it's not the kind of event the Navy responds to with force.

"You don't find the opportunity to kill people since they're being disturbing," surrendered frigate and cruiser Commanding Officer Captain Rick Hoffman instructed the NavyTimes concerning the scene.

"We're not at war with Russia," Capt. Rick Hoffman said.

"It would be one thing to be working and have an incapacitating ambush profile from some individual who won't not recollect that me - that is not the circumstance here."

As a past head of a cruiser, which guarantees plane conveying warships and land and/or water proficient strike vehicles from airborne ambushes, Hoffman knows how to oversee weakening flying machine.

The Russian planes, Su-24s had no recognizable weapons in the midst of the relaxes did the USS Donald Cook distinguish that the Russians were endeavoring to jolt onto them with a rocket.

A US Navy picture exhibits what has all the reserves of being a Russian Sukhoi SU-24 attack flying machine flying over the USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea April 12, 2016.

Regardless of the way that the passes likely neglected a 1973 comprehension between the US and Russia, and were a sensible exhibit of threatening vibe, cutting down a plane likely means the end of the pilot, which was simply not supported given the condition.

According to Hoffman, this trap no doubt jumped out at make deliberate reputation for Russian President Vladimir Putin's organization.

"It would be certified charming to see what shows up in the Russian papers in the morning, how they play it," Hoffman said.

"It isn't so much that one of a kind in connection to North Korea. He finishes something and after that he plays it locally at any rate he needs to play it for the inspirations driving getting his family enabled."

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